Egg Watch

The chicks are also getting big. 31 red star hens. They will lay large brown eggs starting in a few months. They are almost big enough to go outside in the chicken tractor!

Let us know if you want to be on the list to contact when we have fresh eggs. We have limited availability now and will have plenty when these chicks start laying.IMG_5288.JPG

Hogs are Growing!

Look how big they are getting! Especially the pink/spotted. They have almost caught up in size with the black ones.

The black Ossabaw hogs will probably be ready in November and be around 130ish lb hanging weight. The pink/spotted are Duroc/Berkshire/Hampshire/American Guinea hog cross and should be ready in August and be about 150ish lb hanging weight. They will be in time for college football/tailgating/summer BBQ! (The processor can even make brats, yum!).

Let us know if you want to put a deposit on a whole or half hog. Space is limited


Why Heritage Hogs?

You might be wondering, why do we care about heritage or rare hog breeds?

1. Friendlier pigs: In the past, when these heritage breeds were common place, families would have a family pig that they would raise and eventually eat. Friendly pigs were used as breeding stock and mean ones were not. This propagated gentle characteristics forward to the next generation. Heritage hogs are not friendly like a dog but will let you touch it when feeding and in general are even safe around kids.

2. Forage ability: The ability and desire to forage for their own food and eat grass from pasture. This drive has been bred out of the main commercial breeds so that they can be raised in confinement.

3. Better taste: Many gourmet chefs are turning to heritage hogs for their pork due to the better flavor and tenderness of the meat. The meat is in general more pink and marbled than the “other white meat” you might be used to from the grocery store.

All in all they exhibit the characteristics we would prefer in our pasture pork.

The Hogs have Arrived!

This years hogs have arrived!

We are still taking deposits for whole/half hogs. Let us know if you are interested!

Meet the Hogs:
6 black Ossabaw heritage hogs: These should be ready this fall and are estimated will be 120ish pounds hanging weight.

6 pink with black splotches (Duroc, Berkshire, American Guinea, Hampshire) cross pigs: These are projected to get bigger overall than the Ossabaw and should be ready in August (in time for football BBQs!!).pigsMarch2016