Pastured Pork

USDA pork back in stock! This is from our hogs raised on pasture and supplemented with Non-GMO Soy-Free Feed. Limited amount available first come first serve. When we sell out we won’t have more til next Fall. All meat deep frozen.
•Pork Chops: $10/lb
•Bacon: $13/lb
•Bacon Ends: $11/lb
•Jowl Bacon: $11/lb

•Sausage Medium: $8/lb (1lb roll)
•Hickory Smoked Mild Sausage Links: $9.50/lb (1lb package of 5 links)

Half/Whole Hog Deposits- Fall 2018
 We are now taking deposits for pasture raised heritage breed hogs to be harvested Fall 2018.  Non-refundable deposit of $50 for half and $100 for whole hog.
Price per pound hanging weight will be $4.75 plus actual processing charges. There are many processing options and we can walk you through the process of all the selections. The hogs will typically range between 150-190 lb hanging weight. Processed meat will roughly be 65-75% hanging weight
We plan to raise Red Wattle Pigs for 2018.  Depending on availability of piglets we may also be raising Red Wattle / Large Black cross. The cross pigs will be 75-87% Red Wattle.  Both Red Wattle and Large Black are heritage breeds that do well on pasture and taste excellent! Read more about the Red Wattle breed here and the Large Black breed here. Both breeds are listed  as “threatened” by the Livestock Conservancy.

Current customers really enjoy the smoked sausage links, bacon, and Italian sausage.

Free Range Eggs

Our new hens, raised from chicks this spring are now laying. They are kept on pasture and fed non-GMO, Soy-free feed.
•Eggs limited availability: $4/dozen


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