Ranch Pork Chops

Y’all I burnt these and they were still FANTASTIC. My 2.5 year old came in the kitchen grouching she was hungry and distracted me (can any of you relate?) and I had the skillet on too high and left them too long before flipping. Worried I ruined dinner I took off stove and put in the oven on 350 for a little to make sure inside was cooked without cooking outside much more. They were amazing and all farm hands declared the meal delicious.
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What I did:

1. Dredged the pork chops in dry ranch dressing (I get mine in bulk from Azure Standard)

2. Put a little olive oil in the pan on high (this is where you should do med/high or watch it well). 

3. Flip after a couple min

4. After a couple min of other side put in glass casserole in oven on 350 for 15ish min. (You can cut into one and check it for done-ness).

5. Feed ravenous children

6. Receive praise from all that ate it šŸ˜œ